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Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward download

Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward download

Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward. Alex Chun, Jacob Covey

Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward

ISBN: 9781560977872 | 256 pages | 7 Mb

Download Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward

Pin-Up Art of Bill Ward Alex Chun, Jacob Covey
Publisher: Fantagraphics Books

By Baker, Kamen, Ward, Lubbers, Evans and others!! Special Notes: The glamorous pin-up style “good girl” art that originated in comics' Golden Age has been an inspiration to AC Comics from the beginning. After winning the BeinArt Surrealist. Artists: Matt Baker, Ogden Whitney, Bill Ward, Al Bryant, Bob Lubbers, Jack Kamen, George Evans, Klaus Nordling, Jill Elgin, Frank Bolle, Nina Albright, Ruben Moreira, Harry Sahle and others. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. I especially like the pin-up girls. THE BOOKWRITER (Main, co-creator, writer, pencils). My specialty is cheesecake cartooning (what they call 'good girl art' these days). Was a recurring theme in many of Bill Ward's pinup illustrations and are some of the most prized pieces of Ward's to Pinup Art Collectors. THE PIN-UP ART OF BILL WARD - Mature Readers.Ward (1918-1998) was America's most prolific pin-up artist, from his sultry WWII Torchy, to Scorchy, the sexpot of the 1990s. What gives the pictures an illicit charge is that Yuskavage predicates the imagery as much on the synthetic perfectionism of Barbie and the comforting illusions of Walt Disney as she does on the cartoon pin-ups of Bill Ward and the soft-focus pictorials of Bob Guccione's Penthouse. Bill Ward also contributed to titles such as Cracked in the 1970's. Labels: art, Bill Ward, cartoons . Attualmente lavoro come LEAD DESIGNER, PRODUCT MANAGER e GRAPHIC ARTIST presso ARTEMATICA. Yuskavage's art is as prurient as the The only time Yuskavage's art perks up to any degree is in the floral arrangements appearing off to the side in a couple of the paintings. I think pin-up girls are pretty and I enjoy looking at them.